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Follow the latest musings of our MWIS forecasters discussing the intricacies of the British weather in the mountain environment. In addition our MWIS Ambassadors will be blogging on all aspects of adventure and safety in the mountains. A brief bio of our ambassadors can be found at the following link:

*The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by MWIS Ambassadors in this blog belong solely to the author, and are not necessarily those of MWIS, or any organisation, employer or other persons associated with the individual. 

Why should I register my phone for text 999 service?
POSTED BY Cory // 15th Oct 20

Don’t forget to register your phone to text 999, for work and play in remote areas.
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What goes up...
POSTED BY Garry // 10th Oct 20

Unstable air and heavy wintry showers
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Polar Maritime Returns!
POSTED BY Garry // 24th Sep 20

Classic cool air weather patterns around Britain and the north Atlantic.
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Gusty easterlies ahead
POSTED BY Garry // 16th Sep 20

A squeeze of air across the hills. Possible Helm Wind over Pennines.
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Ticks and Lyme Disease
POSTED BY Cory // 13th Sep 20

Tick may carry a bacteria which can enter our bodies when ticks such our blood. This may cause an illness called Lyme Disease.
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How has Covid changed first aid treatment in the ‘new normal’
POSTED BY Cory // 7th Sep 20

Should Covid mean we don’t do any first aid at all on casualties? No we still need to assess injuries and treat casualties but we should be thinking Covid whilst we do so.
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Waves and ripples
POSTED BY Garry // 3rd Sep 20

An inversion above the hills creates interesting cloud forms.
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Late summer chills
POSTED BY Garry // 28th Aug 20

Cold northerly winds and overnight frost are in the forecast this weekend.
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Exceptionally severe August weather
POSTED BY Geoff // 23rd Aug 20

Wales to experience the core of hurricane force upland winds. Heavy or torrential rain, north Wales and Cumbria.
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A chance of thunder and lightning
POSTED BY Richard // 11th Aug 20

The high hills aren’t a good place to be when there is a thunderstorm and lightning, particularly when you’re up on a high ridge or plateau.
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Cairngorm 2020 so far
POSTED BY Garry // 5th Aug 20

The seasonal ups and downs of our weather!
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A change in the weather
POSTED BY Richard // 24th Jul 20

Another fine day on Friday 24 July, great for walking in the hills.
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Tak It Hame
POSTED BY Garry // 20th Jul 20

Hillwalkers and climbers urged to help keep hills clear of litter
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