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From Mountaineering Scotland:

Winter can offer some incredible experiences in Scotland’s hills and mountains. As the new season gets into full swing, and with more wintry conditions forecast over the coming weeks, mountain safety organisations have come together once again to encourage people to #ThinkWINTER as they head out in search of epic mountain adventures.

Now in its sixth year, #ThinkWINTER is a joint campaign between Scotland’s top mountain safety organisations, including Mountaineering Scotland, Scottish Mountain Rescue, Mountain Training, Scotland’s National Outdoor Training Centre Glenmore Lodge, Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland, Snowsport Scotland, Police Scotland and the Scottish Avalanche Information Service, who are working together to share inspiration, advice, skills, and safety information, enabling people to make safe decisions in the hills this winter.

With more people than ever before enjoying Scotland’s hills and mountains, there has been a huge increase in the amount of information available online, making it hard to know where to look for expert advice and which sources you can trust. With this in mind, a new #ThinkWINTER landing page has been launched which signposts users to each of Scotland’s mountain safety organisations and their top #ThinkWINTER resources, for those who are interested in winter walking, climbing, cycling, ski-touring, snowboarding and more. Whether you’re a beginner heading out for the first time or have experience of the winter hills and are looking for a refresher of your skills and knowledge, you can easily find links to all the information you need for epic mountain adventures.

Mountaineering Scotland’s Senior Mountain Safety Advisor, Ross Cadie, said: “Winter can offer incredible opportunities for mountain adventures, but it leaves very little margin for error. If you #ThinkWINTER, check weather and avalanche forecasts, and make a plan that suits your ability (or the ability level of your group) you’ll have unforgettable winter days, for all the right reasons.”

Inspector Matt Smith, Police Scotland’s MRT lead added: “Most of us love the winter but it can create very different risks when we head outdoors to enjoy it. Planning and preparation before you set off becomes even more important and accessing the right information and advice is key. Following our #ThinkWinter campaign will support your adventure planning for the coming season and help to keep you safe.”

The #ThinkWINTER campaign will continue throughout the winter season, providing useful information, updates and tips, shared across the organisations’ social media platforms and websites, as well as a series of winter skills talks. Use the hashtag #ThinkWINTER to keep up with all the latest news.