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The Lake District

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Viewing forecast for Wednesday, 16th April, 2014

Forecast last reviewed on Wednesday, 16/04/14 at 07:04

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Summary for all mountain areas

A weakening front will approach NW Scotland, bringing low cloud onto mainly west coastal hills; and across the highlands upland winds toward gale force. Less windy further south, and fine with extensive sunshine.

Headline, The Lake District

Blustery, particularly west. Fine; sunshine.

How Windy?

Southerly, 20mph, but slowly strengthening from west to reach 30mph higher tops and major ridges afternoon and evening.

Effect Of Wind?

Small, before increasingly impeding ease of walking during the day.

How Wet?

Rain not expected

Cloud on the hills?

Little if any - may form western fells

Cloud forming over the Irish Sea above about 350m may intermittently envelop coastal fells, particularly afternoon and evening. Otherwise, summits cloud free.

Chance of cloud free Summits?

90%; later 30% hills near the coast

Sunshine and air clarity?

Sunshine extensive. Excellent visibility, although increasing haze.

How Cold? (at 750m)

4C rising to 7C.

Freezing level

Above the summits.

Planning Outlook for all mountain areas from Thursday, 17th April, 2014

Windier on Thursday, but wind speeds low through most of the Easter Weekend. A series of weak fronts and areas of showers will move south on Thursday, followed by 48 to 72 hours of fine weather with areas of clear sky. Increasing threat of rain by Monday, although latest evidence suggests this less heavy/thundery than earlier anticipated. Snow on the Scottish Highlands will start to melt again as temperatures rise on Friday, with slow thaw then persisting throughout Easter.

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